The Mojo Soul, an online curation uncovering green gems from around the world who is continuously working toward a more sustainable world one step at a time.

This platform was born to change the way we shop and encourage people to vote with their wallets, to change the world we live in. By creating The Mojo Soul, I made the conscious choice of ending mindless consumption - which goes a long way in creating a better and more sustainable future for the planet.

It is all about planting a sustainable seed in your mind, opening people's eyes to green alternatives and cruelty-free choices, in alignment with a fulfilling and meaningful life.

To make it happen, promoting meaningful products telling inspiring stories that bring value to the world is one of my beloved missions. My goal is to support powerful businesses who want to challenge the current models and generate a positive impact in terms of ethics and ecology. The Mojo Soul is there to show you beautiful and cruelty-free alternatives to make some small but real changes in your everyday mindful practice and life.

I truly believe we can change the world one small step at a time, one domino after the other, and have a powerful global impact! It is in each of our hands to shoulder the responsibility of bringing a positive change to the world we live in, and every small step counts.

To empower it, my business is part of 1% for the planet.

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