Who is the Mojo Soul ?

I am Judicael, a french yogi and traveler.

A few years ago, I was ending my art school already convinced I wasn't made to build a successful career as an art curator. So, I worked crazy hours besides my studies and traded all my time to save money, graduated and booked a one-way airplane ticket for Asia.  

Don’t get me wrong, I was passionate about traveling, but something was missing. I felt like I needed more food for thought, more clarity, more meaning. I wanted to create a positive impact with a business idea hiding in a corner while living a simplified, healthy and holistic life.

The short version is:

I moved around the world, met inspiring people and creators, got hooked on Yoga, deepened my own spiritual practice, tried drinking lots of coffee -but still hate it- and started The Mojo Soul project on the road.

I am in this for the long run!

The Mojo Soul is my passion project, my one true shot at making a living with something that I truly love while doing good and inspiring others. For the future, I truly believe we can together stand for common values and be the change.



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